Friday, February 24, 2012

Judith: Lily Loves

Lily is full of contradictions. She is no longer little, but she is not yet big.
She doesn't like math, but she loves to paint numbers. She has silky princess
hair that is also as wild as a lion's mane. Lily isn't perfect, but even so Lily
loves herself. This plucky character will inspire all kids to love who they are.

Lily Loves is one of the new spring titles of publishing house "Simply
Read Books". It's a lovely story about a girl called Lily that Kai Lüftner
has written for Judith's daughter! The book will be published in April in
Canada. For our german readers: You can buy the german version of
"Lily Loves" in fall of 2012!

Read more about "Lily Loves" here!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Judith: Logo for Berliner Lesetroll

Berliner Lesetroll has its third birthday – and Judith created and
sponsored this wonderful Logo for Berliner Büchertisch. Read more
about the idea behind here. Thanks to Chris, Danilo & Mareike!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Atelier Flora: Release party of "Alles Farbe!"

It was a great release party of our book "Alles Farbe!" at the bookstore
Buchsegler / Berlin Pankow! Colourful sweets, visitors dressed in their
favourite colour and games made a perfect evening.

Many thanks to all the tall and little visitors, to Wiebke Schleser and her
team from the Buchsegler and of course to Beltz & Gelberg for this great
celebration of our book! More here.

Es war eine tolle Party! Am Freitag fand in der Kinderbuchhandlung 
Buchsegler in Berlin Pankow unsere Premierenparty zu "Alles Farbe!" 
statt: Farbenfrohe Leckereien, Kleidung in Lieblingsfarben, Spiele und 
bunte Gäste machten die Party zum perfekten Abend!

Tausend Dank an die vielen großen und kleinen Besucher, an Wiebke 
Schleser und ihr Team vom Buchsegler und natürlich an Beltz & Gelberg 
für diese gelungene Feier!

Noch mehr Bilder gibt es hier. 

Andrea: Wallpainting

A little town called Twann on the Lake of Biel during the important
celebration after the vintage is the subject of the wallpainting from
Andrea. What could be better than drinking a glass of wine and
enjoying the last warm days in autumn.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Kristina: Selected for Bologna Children's Book Fair 2012

We are so happy, that Kristinas work is selected out of more than 1000 for 
the great Illustrators Exhibiton at Bologna Children's Book Fair 2012!!! 
Yippieh & let's go to Bologna!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Atelier Flora: Alles Farbe! beim BuchSegler

Sieht fast so aus, als hätten wir unseren eigenen Buchladen ange-
mietet: Ein paar Schritte von unserem Atelier entfernt liegt der Kinder-
buchladen "BuchSegler" und der hat momentan seine Schaufenster
komplett für unser Buch "Alles Farbe!" (BELTZ & Gelberg) reserviert.
Danke an Wiebke & Co!

Am 17. Februar laden wir gemeinsam mit unserem Verlag BELTZ &
Gelberg um 16.30 Uhr zur Buchpremiere in den BuchSegler ein. Bitte
kommt in Eurer Lieblingsfarbe gekleidet!

It looks like we would have rented our own bookshop: Right next door
of our atelier lies the children`s bookshop BuchSegler and its shopping
windows are at the moment completely decorated with our book
"Alles Farbe!" (BELTZ & Gelberg). Thanks to Wiebke & Co!

On the 17th of february at 4.30 p.m. we invite you together with the
publisher BELTZ & Gelberg to the Release Party of our book in the
BuchSegler. Dresscode: Your favourite colour!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Judith: Anton traveled to China!

We are very happy that Judith's "Anton" is now also available in
China! For our German readers: You can buy Anton in your favourite
bookstore or here.