Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Judith: Merit Award for "Lily loves"!

"Lily loves" (Judith Drews / Kai Lüftner) published by Simply Read Books
just won a Merit Award at the great 3 x 3 magazine in New York! The
Annual will be published in Winter 2012.

3x3 Magazine: List of the winners

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Judith: Out now! Animal-Riddlbook

Welcome to the zoo! Do you know, what animal changes its color?
Or what animal eats stones?

Just turn the page and you can read the answers to all the questions
about an animal.

The new book from Cally and Judith ist perfect to look forward to the
next visit to the zoo and a very interesting companion during the visit.

Willkommen im Zoo: Mein Tier-Rätselbuch Cally Stronk (Autorin)
Judith Drews (Illustratorin), Beltz & Gelberg, Juli 2012

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Judith: Berlin goes Taiwan!

Judith' Berlin Wimmelbuch which was selected for the exhibition
at Bologna childrens's book 2011 is now featured in an exhibition
in Taiwan, courtesy of dpi Magazine.

Berlin in Taiwan

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Regina: What are Serendipities?!

Was haben Teflonpfanne, Penicillin und Feinstrumpfhose gemeinsam?
Sie sind so genannte Serendipities - Glücksfunde: Die genialen Erfindungen
kamen durch ein Zufall zu ihren Erfindern. Und auch ein sehr alltags-
tauglicher Gegenstand, der längst jenseits seines eigentlichen Nutzen
vielfältig verwendet wird, ist ein echter Serendipity...

What have a teflon pan, penicillin and a pair of tights in common? They
are all serendipities - fortunate discoveries by accident. Also an object very
suitable for daily use, which is long used beside its actual intention, is a
real serendipity...

Listen to the radiofeature!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Andrea: Huge Mural in Worben (CH)

Under the direction of Andrea and the class teacher Susanne Rees eight
students from the 9th class in Worben (CH) created a great mural. It was
their final project before leaving school and starting an apprenticeship.
Thanks to Susanne Rees for her engagement and to the students for
staying the course!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Judith: Anton at Buchstart Club

Judiths "Antons erste Wörter"(erschienen bei Beltz & Gelberg) fühlt
sich sehr, sehr wohl auf der Empfehlungsliste vom Frühling /Sommer
2012 des schweizer Buchstart Clubs!
Ein wirklich erwähnenswertes Leseförderungsprojekt mit einer sehr
schönen Website. Herzlichen Dank in die Schweiz!

Judiths "Antons first Words" (published by Beltz & Gelberg) fits very
well into the list of recommendations for the spring / summer season
2012 of the swiss Buchstart Club!
A reading promotion project worth mentioning with a wonderful website.
Many thanks into Switzerland!

Buchstart Club